Access Control

The introduction of an access control system to your residential or commercial premises will successfully discourage crime and strengthen the safety and wellbeing of your family and property.

Access control systems can be installed in homes, units, apartments and office buildings, really any location where there is a need to manage or restrict access into a specific location. For example, an access control system can be programmed for access to garages in unit blocks, entry into apartment and commercial buildings, access to elevators and levels within elevators in domestic apartments and commercial buildings.

Furthermore, an access control system streamlines your business by providing keyless entry to your premises, identifies the individuals that enter your premises and/or certain areas and at which time.

Additionally, the access control system can restrict the access to highly sensitive areas, can control the access to your businesses parking areas and controls elevator access, restricting access to highly sensitive floors that main contain valuables such as cash, personal customer information or hazardous goods.

Finally, your access control system can also be integrated into your commercial alarm system which would immediately send a signal to the back to base monitoring station of any unauthorized entry onto the premises or area and any relevant environmental changes that may be paramount to the functionality of your businesses equipment, such as a cool room, or computer room.

Furthermore, working together with your CCTV system, the access control system can be fully integrated to form part of your businesses security system solution.

Therefore, regardless of premises type, regardless of budget, Eveready Alarms & Security Services will custom design an access control system to meet your needs and budget, giving you the ability to control the access to your premises.