Celebrating International Security Officers’ Day ~ 24th July

The 24th July has been chosen to celebrate International Security Officers’ Day. It is a “global security industry initiative” that is celebrated in many countries including New Zealand, Canada, America, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Ireland, the UK and Australia.

The reason why this particular date has been chosen is because it represents the “24/7 nature of security work,” with the hope of building enough global support to petition the UN to “formally declare the 24th July” as the International Security Officers’ Day annually.

The day gives our community an opportunity to not only recognise but also to thank the security personnel that work tirelessly to keep us all safe, sometimes behind the scenes.

ASIAL is asking our community to use this International Security Officers’ Day to “simply smile at that person and say thank you.”

So on the 24th July, the International Security Officers’ Day, if you see security personnel give them a smile and a quick thank you, they will truly appreciate the recognition.